Penultimate Coin in Finland’s Sports Series

In anticipation of the start of the UEFA European Championship on 10 June 2016 Finland is releasing the newest installment in it's Sports Coins series.

Finland 2016 Football Commemorative €5 coin

Finland 2016 Football Commemorative €5 coin

The latest coin in Finland's Sports Coin series is Football(that's soccer to our north American readers). The coin, designed by Nora Tapper, features on it's obverse a frenzied action scene where a striker is attempting to get the ball past the goalie while a defending player attempts to stop him.

The coin shares a common reverse design with the rest of the series of a sports stadium filled with an enthusiastic crowd. A curved athletic track appears in the foreground with the words “SUOMI FINLAND”, “2016” and “5 EURO”.

Finland Sports Series 5 Euro Coin Reverse

Finland Sports Series 5 Euro Coin Reverse

finalnd_2016_soccer_artThe coin has a face value of 5 Euro and will be released in both Proof and uncirculated. Based on past coins released in the same series the proof variant is expected to be released at €22.00 each and the uncirculated for €10.00. Both released in special themed packaging.  The Mint of Finland has usually also released these coins in a box of 10 raw uncirculated coins for around €62.00 per box.

Previous coins in the Sport Coins series have included Gymnastics, Basketball, Figure Skating and Volleyball all released in 2015. The coins that pay tribute to Ice-Hockey, Skiing, Ski Jumping have thus far been released in 2016. The Football themed coin will make the eights coin in a planned series of nine. Only Athletics still remains to be released later this year.

Football is considered the world's most popular sport and is played and supported in virtually every country in the world.

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