Kimberley Sunrise High Relief 2oz Gold

After the release of the very popular Kimberly Sunset pink gold coin in 2015 the Perh mint has now released the 2016 Kimberly Sunrise high relief 2oz gold coin as a companion piece to the previous year's issue.

The special high relief proof 2oz gold coin features a baobab tree in the harsh Kimberley landscape. The coin is an exact mirror image of the 2015 Kinberley Sunset pink gold coin. The coin has a small white diamond set in the reverse field just above the horizon. This is meant to represent the brilliant light that each new dawn brings.

2016 Kimberley Sunrise High Relief 2oz Gold Coin

2016 Kimberley Sunrise High Relief 2oz Gold Coin

The obverse features the right facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with the legend reading : “ELIZABETH II” “AUSTRALIA” and “500 DOLLARS”.

The special high relief coins are individually minted on special concave gold blanks of .9999 Fineness to ensure that every coin achieves the highest quality strike. The white diamond is then expertly set by hand before the coin is encapsulated and packaged in it's unique display case.

The 2oz coin measures approximately 36.6mm and is 6mm thick. The coin is issued as a Australian legal tender AU$500 coin and will have a limited mintage of no more than 500 units. This is the same mintage figure as last years Kimberley Sunset coin. According to the Perth Mint the 2015 issue is sold out.

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