Italy Conludes Flora in Art Masterpieces Series

The final installment in Italy's superb “Flora in Art Masterpieces” coin series has been released, bringing the six year program to close.

Italy201620euroflorarevIn 2011 the Italian Mint(Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato or State Mint and Polygraphic Institute) began a coin series entitled Flora and Fauna in Art Masterpieces. A Dual program with a €20 gold coin dedicated to flora or botanical themes, and a €50 gold coin inspired by fauna or zoological themes. The coins would illustrate and celebrate plant and animal life as portrayed in classical art through the ages.

The first issues were dedicated to art from the Ancient Roman era. Then 2012 saw the coins celebrate the medieval period, 2013 the Renaissance, 2014 Baroque and finally 2015 neoclassicism and Rococo styles.

The coins have consistently been some of the most beautiful and well designed collectors coins of the past several years. This year will see the series' final installments being released with the theme of “Contemporary Art”.


The 20 Euro Gold coin is inspired by the frescoes of Italian painter Ettore de Maria Bergler(1850 - 1938). Specifically featuring scenes from his remarkable Floralia fresco.

The Fresco Floralia by Ettore de Maria Bergler

The Fresco Floralia by Ettore de Maria Bergler

The obverse design bears the inscription “Republica Italiana” around a female bust bearing a floral wreath.

The reverse inscription reads “FLORA NELL'ARTE” with “2016” and “20 EUROS” on either side of the main figure. The coin is anchored by the figure of a woman in a flowing dress, dancing in a field holding a floral garland.

The proof quality €20 Gold coin measures 21mm and is struck from .900 Fine gold. Mintage is limited to 1200 coins total. Coins have been released by the Italian Mint for €310.00.

Previous Issues in the Series:

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