Transnistria Issues 7th Coin in Zodiac Series

The zodiac is always a popular theme, with several world mints regularly issuing coins adorned with this theme. Most of these coins however are precious metal or commemorative collector's coins, like the regular issues by the Royal Mint and Perth Mint.

The Transnistrian Republican Bank has opted instead to issue a series of circulating commemorative coins. The series is called “The Signs of the Zodiac” series and has just reached the midway point with the seventh release which is rather predictably, Leo.

Transnistria 2016 Zodiac Series - Leo Reverse

Transnistria 2016 Zodiac Series - Leo Reverse

The series of 1 Ruble circulating coins are issued in 2016 at a pace of one a month, starting with Aquarius, in January, and having just reached Leo.

Being circulating coins they are struck from rather humble nickel plated steel planchets measuring 22mm(inch) and tipping the scales at 4.65grams each with a plain edge. Each coin carries a mintage of 50 000 coins.

Transnistria 2016 Zodiac Series - Leo Obverse

Transnistria 2016 Zodiac Series - Leo Obverse

The obverse depicts the national Coat of Arms of Transnistria at the centre but slightly offset to the top, with the denomination of “1 РУБЛЬ”(1 RUBLE) inscribed just below. The legend appears along the rim in a clockwise direction and reads: “ПРИДНЕСТРОВСКИЙ РЕСПУБЛИКАНСКИЙ БАНК” (Transnistrian Republican Bank). The date of issue, 2016, is at the very bottom.

The reverse depicts a stylized image of a lion's head with the zodiac sign for Leo to the right. The words “ЛЕВ” and “Leo” are written along a decorative border containing circles and stars(thirteen of each).

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