Cyclops added to the Greek Mythology Series

Cyclops added to the Greek Mythology Series

The fifth installment of the Creatures of Greek Mythology Collectors Coins series has been released by the New Zealand Mint. The coin themed after the Cyclops, a race of mythical one eyed giant in Greek mythology.

nz_cyclops_revThe proof quality 1 oz silver coin depicts Odysseus and his companions defeating a fallen cyclops at its revers. While the obverse has the right facing bust of Queen Elizabeth II, with the legend reading “ELIZABETH II – NIUE – TWO DOLLARS – 2016”.

The crown sized(40mm) 1 oz silver coin has a fineness of .999, has a milled edge and a face value of $2. Issued by the New Zealand Mint on behalf of the island nation of Niue, with a limited mintage of 2000 coins.
The coin is presented in a faux leather pouch, with the certificate of authenticity printed on the inside. The coins were advertised at the time of launch at US$80.00 each.

In Greek mythology, the Cyclopes were a race of giants, each with a single eye in the center of their forehead.
Having been imprisoned by the Titans, the Cyclopes were released by the God Zeus. As a reward for this favor, they crafted Zeus his weapons of lighting and thunder.
In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus was trapped in the cave of a Cyclops named Polyphemus, who consumed many of his men. Odysseus tricked Polyphemus into becoming intoxicated, telling him that his name was ‘Nobody’. While in this state, he blinded him with a red hot poker. Polyphemus’ calls for help from ‘Nobody’ were ignored. The next day Odysseus escaped by clinging to the belly of Polyphemus’ sheep as they were released to graze. As he sailed away, Odysseus called out his name, leading to Polyphemus asking his father Poseidon to avenge this wrong.

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