Native American Dollar Rolls, Bags and Boxes now Shipping

The United States Mint is now accepting orders for uncirculated 2017 Native American Dollar coins.

USA 2017 Sequoyah Native American Dollar Reverse

USA 2017 Sequoyah Native American Dollar Reverse

The 2017 coin honours Sequoyah of the Cherokee Nation, who was the first to create a written Cherokee language. A silversmith by trade, he created the Cherokee Syllabary in 1821. This made reading and writing natively in Cherokee possible. This marks one of the very few times in modern recorded history that a member of a pre-literate people was able created an original, effective writing system for their spoken language. The Cherokee nation soon realised the value of this and officially adopted his syllabary in 1825.

The obverse of the coin is the standard series design featuring Sacagawea  that has been in issue since 2000. The obverse legend reads : “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

USA  Sacagawea Native American Dollar Coin Obverse

USA Sacagawea Native American Dollar Coin Obverse

The reverse design depicts an artists rendition of Sequoyah while he is writing along the right border of the coin, using a quill. The text he is writing is in his Cherokee syllabary and translates as “Sequoyah from Cherokee Nation”. The remainder of the reverse inscriptions are : “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” along the top rim and “Sequoyah” appearing in the centre field, with “$1” to the bottom left.

This series features a different and distinct reverse design each year, while maintaining the obverse design of Sacagawea as a common series design. Similar to how the presidential series kept Lady Liberty as the obverse design each year. Native American Dollar Coins honour and recognise the important contributions made by Indian tribes and individual Native Americans to the history of the United States and it's society.

The US Mint is now accepting orders for the uncirculated coins in the following quantities : 25 coin bank rolls, 100 coin bags and 250 coin boxes. Each of these is available in both the “P” and “D” mintmarks for Philadelphia and Denver mints.

The rolls are listed at release for US$32.95 each, US$111.95 for the bags and the 250 coin boxes are being sold for US$275.95 each.

Proof variants along with the expected dollar coin and currency sets are only expected to be released later on throughout the year.

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