New War Memorial Coins From Transnistria

Transnistria has added two additional coins to their “Military Glory Memorials of Transnistria” series.

The series is a relatively a new one, the first coin was only issued in 2015 and was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The coin depicted the Tiraspol war monument. These two new coins will then bring the series to a total of three issues. The series consists of base metal, legal tender, 1 Ruble coins with a total mintage of fifty thousand(50 000) coins per design.

The reverse design of the first coin here depicts an anti-aircraft gun, on the left, that forms a part of the Heroes Square Memorial Complex in the city of Bender(aka Bendery). The top inscription reads “ПЛОЩАДЬ ГЕРОЕВ” (Heroes' Square) along the top rim with “г. БЕНДЕРЫ” (BENDER) appearing horizontally at the bottom.

Both coins have the same obverse design that bears the national Coat of Arms of the Pridnestrovian Moldovian Republic(better known as Transnistria) in the middle. The obverse legend reads : “ПРИДНЕСТРОВСКИЙ РЕСПУБЛИКАНСКИЙ БАНК” (Pridnestrovian Republican Bank) in a semi-circle along the rim. The date(2016) and denomination, “1 РУБЛЬ” (1 ruble), appear in two horizontal lines at the bottom of the obverse design.

Transnistria 2016 1 Ruble Obverse

Transnistria 2016 1 Ruble Obverse

The second coin depicts the Glory Memorial at Rybnitsa on the reverse design. The reverse legend reads : “НИКТО НЕ ЗАБЫТ, НИЧТО НЕ ЗАБЫТО”, this translates as “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten” which is inscribed on the memorial itself. “МЕМОРИАЛ СЛАВЫ” (Memorial of Glory) appears to the top, along the rim, and “РЫБНИЦА” (Ribnitsa) at the bottom below the steps.

Both coins are 22mm(0.866 inch) nickel plated steel coins weighing 4.65gram(0.154oz) each. Coins are struck with a smooth edge and are likely only to be issued as regular business strikes. No announcements have been made for uncirculated or proof issues catering to collectors as of yet.

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