Priest’s Mill Features on New Discover Poland Coin

The interesting, and relatively new, Discover Poland circulating commemorative coin series from Poland is now in it's third year of issue and has just added a fourth coin to the collection.

Poland 2016 5 Zloty Priest's Mill Commemorative Coin Reverse

Poland 2016 5 Zloty Priest's Mill Commemorative Coin Reverse

The bi-metallic 5 Zloty coin(comprised of copru-nickel outer and aluminum-bronze inner) depicts the Priest’s Mill in Łódź. The site dates back to the middle ages when the mill was owned by the local priests, as far back as the 15th century. The mill was later acquired by German-born Polish industrialist Karl Wilhelm Scheibler. He was able to take advantage of cotton price fluctuations caused by the American Civil War, in the 1860's. The resulting fortune that he managed to amass allowed him to build a truly impressive residential and industrial complex at the Priest’s Mill location. Included in the area was the main factory as well as residential buildings of his workers. He did not stop there also expanding his private city to include hospitals, shops, railway tracks, a school, and a fire brigade to mention a few.

The reverse of the coin beautifully depicts the Priest's Mill location as it looks today, surrounded by waves and lines that have become the hallmark of the Discover Poland coin series. The reverse legend reads : “KSIĘŻY MŁYN” and “W ŁODZI”(PRIESTS MILL IN LODZ).

Poland 2016 5 Zloty Priest's Mill Commemorative Coin Obverse

Poland 2016 5 Zloty Priest's Mill Commemorative Coin Obverse

The obverse of the coin simply depicts the national Coat of Arms with the date of issue(2016) below it's talons. The obverse legend reads : “5 ZŁOTYCH”(5 zloty) and “RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA”(the Republic of Poland), indicating the denomination and country of issue.

The edge of the coin has “NBP”(National Bank of Poland) inscribed eight times, each inscription inverted 180 degrees from the previous one. The edge lettering is separated by eight stars, one appearing between every “NBP”.

This is a circulating commemorative and as such the mintage figure is expected to be around 1 200 00(1.2 million) coins with no indication of specially minted proof coins as of yet. The three previous coins in the Discover Poland series celebrated twenty five years of freedom(2014), the Royal Castle at Warsaw(2014) and Bydgoszcz Canal(2015).

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