Uruguay New B Series 2000 Peso

The National Bank of Uruguay have released details about the new security features on their 2000 Peso banknote.

The banknote, which entered into circulation on the 27th of April 2016, has the same design as the old note but with significantly improved security features. The note bears the 2015 date but is cataloged as 'B' series.

Uruguay 2015 B Series Revised 2000 Peso Banknote

Uruguay 2015 B Series Revised 2000 Peso Banknote

According to the press release by the Nation Bank of Uruguay the note has the following improved security features :

The number 2000 is completed in the upper left corner by holding the note up to the light
Holographic security thread with the Shield of Uruguay and the letters BCU 2000 appearing on it
A watermark of Damaso Antonio LarraƱaga can be seen to the left, as well as the word 'two thousand' and the number 2,000 repeated three times.
Tilting the holographic band in the map of Uruguay with the figure 2,000 in the center changes its color from purple to brown.
Braille markings on both sides.

While the reverse of the note includes these additional features :

An iridescent band with the inscription $2,000
Right BCU 2,000 registration varnish
The figure 2,000 is varnished in the bottom left corner

The national Bank of Uruguay have issued a information leaflet detailing these features as well as an interactive section on their website here : http://www.bcu.gub.uy/Billetes%20y%20Monedas/Paginas/Nuevo-Billete-2000.aspx

New Security Features on the Uruguay 2000 Peso Banknote

New Security Features on the Uruguay 2000 Peso Banknote

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