Austria 2014 Salzburg Silver 10 Euro Coin

So much more than an alpine paradise, Austria is a federal republic made up of diverse provinces each with a distinct flavour and identity. Austria Piece by Piece celebrates that regional diversity by showcasing each Austrian province’s example of UNESCO World heritage, in addition to their unique charm as perceived by their junior inhabitants. The home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as some of Europe’s most spectacular urban landscapes, Salzburg is the splendid fifth silver coin in this engrossing series.

Additional Information

Salzburg’s stunning UNESCO World Heritage old town forms the centrepiece of the coin’s obverse, with the Salzach River in the foreground. The coin’s reverse features a potpourri of typical Salzburg references, including Mozart himself and Hohensalzburg Castle, designed by local schoolgirl Melisa Begic who, as in the case of all the coins in the series, won a school competition, supported by the Ministry of Education, to co-design the coin. Not only Austria’s most emblematic city, Salzburg is also a land of breathtaking natural beauty and one of Austria’s most evocative provinces. Peppered with soaring peaks and picturesque mountain lakes, the neighbouring Salzkammergut is what many foreigners envisage when they think of Austria.


Country of Issue Austria
Date 2014
Series Federal Provinces
Mintage 30 000(Proof) / 40 000(Uncirculated)
Denomination €10 / Ten Euro
Composition Sterling Silver Ag 925/1000
Quality Proof
Weight 1/2 gram
Weight 1/2 oz
Size 1.2598 mm
Size 1.2598 inch
Issuing Mint Austrian Mint
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