Pocahontas (Gold)

Pocahontas Gold Coin from Disney Princess Collection Reverse

Pocahontas is the 11th and final release in the Disney Coin Collection from the New Zealand Mint. The full WNN review and all details can be viewed HERE

Additional Information

The Disney Princess Coin Collection from NZ Mint are sure to appeal to serious Disney fans seeking quality Disney memorabilia. Each coin celebrates one of Disney’s most cherished princess characters. The series is characterized by a double release. First a 1oz silver coin and then a 1/4oz gold companion coin is released for each design.

Pocahontas, the beautiful daughter of Chief Powhatan, is a playful, free-spirited young woman who knows every tree, waterfall and wild creature in her forest home. She seeks the right path for her life with determination and boldness, and her keen intelligence and strong spirit touches and changes Captain John Smith and all who know her.


Country of Issue Niue
Date 2016
Series Disney Princess
Mintage 1000
Denomination $25 / Twenty Five Dollars
Composition Gold Au 99.99% Fine
Quality Proof
Weight 1/4 gram
Weight 1/4 oz
Size 20 mm
Size 20 inch
Issuing Mint New Zealand Mint
Edge Milled
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