2016 Jaguar 1oz Silver Coin Reverse

The Jaguar id the 5th coin in the Kings of the Continents series by the New Zealand Mint. The full WNN Review can be seen HERE.

Additional Information

The Jaguar (Panthera onca), is the largest cat in the Americas and the third largest cat in the world, reaching up to 2.15m (7 feet) in length and up to 90 kg (200 pounds) in weight. Native to the Americas, these stunning, now-endangered animals once roamed a vast area from Argentina to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Today, Jaguars are only found in very few locations in South and Central America.


Country of Issue Niue
Date 2016
Series Kings of the Continents
Mintage 5000
Denomination $2 / Two Dollars
Composition Silver Ag 999/1000
Quality Proof - Selective Colourizing
Weight 1 gram
Weight 1 oz
Size 1.5748 mm
Size 1.5748 inch
Issuing Mint New Zealand Mint
Edge Milled
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