New Zealand 2016 Cerberus Silver Coin Reverse from Creatures of Greek Mythology Series

Cerberus is the first coin in the Creatures of Greek Mythology series of 1oz silver coins.

Additional Information

The Creatures of Greek Mythology by New Zealand Mint, is a fantasy-themed coin collection featuring engraved illustrations of dramatic mythical creatures.

The coin design shows the engraved illustration of the mythical 3-headed Cerberus, one of the most recognised creatures in Greek Mythology, guarding the entrance of Hades, the kingdom of the dead. Cerberus is known as the guardian of Hades and his sole task was to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld and the living from entering it.


Country of Issue Niue
Date 2015
Series Creatures of Greek Mythology
Mintage 2000
Denomination $2 / Two Dollars
Composition Silver Ag 999/1000
Quality Proof
Weight 1 gram
Weight 1 oz
Size 40 mm
Size 40 inch
Issuing Mint New Zealand Mint
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