Austria 2015 Burgenland Silver 10 Euro Coin

Not only Austria’s most easterly province, Burgenland is also the flattest. Forming the border with neighbouring Hungary, this former frontier land was once known as ‘German West Hungary’, which explains why Burgenland looks and feels different from the rest of Austria. Now located in the centre of the new Europe, this relaxed and sunny province is showcased on the eighth coin in the Austrian Mint’s educational Austria Piece by Piece series.

Additional Information

As well as a border, Burgenland shares the unique and atmospheric Lake Neusiedl with Hungary. The shallow steppe lake’s southern shore is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with abundant reed beds that provide a natural habitat for migratory birds. Many of the villages on the lake’s shore are famous for the storks that spend the summer nesting on their rooftops. The lake and its stunning birdlife feature on both sides of the coin, while some examples of Burgenland’s historic buildings are depicted on the coin’s reverse. Designed by schoolgirl Leonie Schrollenberger, who won the competition to design the coin, the reverse also shows a bottle of wine – Burgenland’s other world-class contribution.


Country of Issue Austria
Date 2015
Series Federal Provinces
Mintage 30 000(Proof) / 40 000(Uncirculated)
Denomination €10 / Ten Euro
Composition Sterling Silver Ag 925/1000
Quality Proof
Weight 17.3 gram
Weight 17.3 oz
Size 1.2598 mm
Size 1.2598 inch
Issuing Mint Austrian Mint
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