Commemorative Coins from Royal Canadian Mint for July 2017

Well the seventh numismatic catalogue has been a bumper edition for the Royal Canadian Mint, with the Canada 150 Program leading the pack and a few series coming to a close. So without any delay here are the commemorative coins from the Royal Canadian Mint for July of 2017 :

With the Canada 150 Celebrations still front and centre for the Royal Canadian Mint we get the ball rolling with the 2017 Enamelled “Our Home and Native Land” Special Edition Proof Silver Dollar. The design of the coin is similar to the enamelled coin included in the special edition proof set a few months prior, but in this case includes a Canadian Flag in the background.

Struck from pure 9999's silver, with a mintage of 10 000 coins, this item sold for $69.95 at the mint.

Flying high with Canadian Pride is the 2oz Pure silver glow in the dark Celebrating Canada coin. Featuring a festive scene typical of Canada Day celebrations at Parliament Hill, where daytime ceremonies include a fly-past by Canada's famed Snowbirds squadron. Included with the coin is a small black light, which reveals the night time fireworks display when exposed to the coin. One Coin – Two scenes.

At a mintage of only 5000 coins this 2 oz silver coin is struck from .9999's silver and measures 54mm or 2.126 inches in diameter. Even with a household order limit of 1 coin per order, the coin managed to rapidly sell out at the mint at a price of $189.95 per coin.

Another special coin branded with the Canada 150 label is this special issue reverse proof Gold Maple Leaf coin. The special reverse proof design of this 1oz gold coin, struck from the purest .99999's gold, features a micro engraved 150 and maple leaf pattern in the background. Even the pricetag of $2849.95 acted as scarce deterrent for the limited mintage of only 500 coins to sell out at the Mint.

In a month of standout coins, this probably has to be the highlight. The Peace Tower Clock 90th Anniversary 5oz silver coin. The Coin mimics the clock face of this iconic Canadian Landmark, which made it's debut during the Canadian Confederation's diamond jubilee celebrations in 1927.

Treated with an antiqued finish and measures 65.25mm or 2.569 inches in diameter, this 5oz silver coin has a limited mintage of 1200 coins, and a pricetag of $579.95 from the Mint. A unique feature of this coin is the adornment of two working gears cut from sheets of iodised copper that once clad the roof of Canada's Parliament building.

The Royal Canadian Mint has also announced a pair of exceptional coins, as a part of their ongoing Canada 150 program, commemorating the first Truly Canadian gold coin – the 1912 gold $5 coin.

The first is a 1kg silver proof coin struck from .9999's silver and treated with selective gold cladding. Measuring a 102.1mm or 40.2 inches in diameter the coin has a limited mintage of 500 coins and are listed by the Mint for $2329.95 each.

The second coin shares the same design as the 1kg silver coin but this time is struck from 1kg or 32.151 troy onces of pure .9999's gold instead. This special proof coin has a very limited mintage of only 20 coins and is priced at no less than CAD$75 000 each. Both of these coins display the special Canada 150 Privy mark on the obverse.

The Celebrating Canadian Brilliance Coin re-interprets the Canada 150 logo on it's reverse design along with a special 0.2 ct Forevermark Canadian Diamond inset.

Struck from just shy of 2oz of pure .9999's gold the coin manages to tip the scales at 60.08 grams or 1.932 troy oz, and measures 38mm or 1 1/2 inches in diameter. With a mintage of 250 coins the price is set at $6999.95 each.


Moving on from the Canada 150 program for the moment we find the Whispering Maple Leaves gold clad silver coin. This 3oz pure silver proof coin is treated wit a reverse gold gilding, covering the entire coin with the exception for the Queens bust on the obverse and a single maple leaf at the centre of the reverse design of the coin.

The coin is struck from 3oz of of pure .9999's silver and measures 55mm or 2.165 inches in diameter. The coin has a limited mintage of 3500 and is selling for a price of $299.95 each.

The third coin in the Canadian Honours series sees it's debut this month and is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Order of Canada. The Order of Canada was created on the nations Centennial in 1967, and recognises exceptional individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements or paid highly meritorious service to the Nation or their chosen field.

The Order of Canada is considered the cornerstone of the Canadian Honours system and is depicted here on a 1oz silver coin with a limited mintage of 5 500 coins. Similar to the previous coins in the series it is priced at $109.95 and is selling fast at the mint.

To extend the Mint's existing catalogue of oriental themed coins this month is the 2017 Feng Shui Good Luck Charms coin. Carrying a 'lucky' mintage of 6 888 coins, the piece is struck from 21 grams of pure .9999's silver and measures 36mm or 1.417 inches in diameter.

The special 8 dollar denomination adds to the luck of a coin which every design element speaks of longevity and prosperity.

Sharing the same design is a slightly smaller $200 gold coin with a mintage of 388 coins. Measuring 30 mm or 1.18 inches in diameter the coin is struck from 28.25 grams or 0.996 oz of pure .9999's gold. The silver coin is being offered at a price of $98.88 while the gold coin in turn is selling for $2788.88 each.

Another Gold coin to be released in July is the 2017 pure gold 5oz Maple Leaves coin, depicting two sugar maple leaves reaching outwards from a branch, the design is symbolic of Canada's national symbol reaching out to the rest of the world while remaining proudly rooted at home.

With a limited mintage of only 99 coins this 60.15mm or 2.368 inch coin is struck from 5oz of pure .9999's gold. This coin was another sell out issue for the mint at a price of $12 999.95.

The Butterfly is featured on the Bejewelled Bugs 1oz silver coin. Set against a backdrop of daffodil flowers and curly pea vines, the offset butterfly is adorned with an array of jewels to enhance this beautiful coin. A round black sapphire shapes the butterfly's head with four pear-shaped amethyst stones adding a violet-coloured accent to each wing, completed by an arrangement of rhodolite stones that add a rich, raspberry-red colour – all glistening against the proof surface of this silver coin.

At a mintage of 4000 this 1oz, crown sized coin has an asking price of $174.95 each.

The Second in a series of Three dimensional coins features the leaping cougar, on a 1oz pure silver coin. Utilising a technique known as thermoforming, the coin features a raised image of an adult cougar pouncing across the coin at an unseen prey.

This crown sized coin has a mintage of 6000 coins, which is 1500 lower than the first coin in the series, and is priced at $117.95 each.

Another adorned coin is the Canoe to Tranquil Times 1oz silver coin, which has a miniature wooden canoe affixed to I t's surface.

Struck from 1oz of pure .9999's silver with the canoe laser etched for additional realism. The crown sized coin has a limited mintage of 4000 coins at an asking price of 124.95 each

Then the third and fourth coins in the Great Canadian Outdoors series have now been released as well. Entitled Around the Campfire and Sunrise respectively, the coins depict richly colourized images as well as glow in the dark elements to the reverse designs.

The coins have a mintage of 15000 coins each and are priced at $69.95 for each of the 36mm or 1.417 inch silver coins, struck from 23.17 gram or 0.817 oz 9999's silver coins.

The dual Swarovski crystal embellished Zodiac series, continues this month with the eighth coin in the series dedicated to the astrological sign of Leo with a yellow coloured crystal at the coins centre.

As always these 1/2oz silver coins have a mintage of 5500 and are priced at $54.95 per coin.

Moving forward to the Royal Canadian Mint's subscription program, the second coin in the Locomotives across Canada series has now been released and depicts the RS-20 Locomotive, with the series's distinctively selective gold gilding to the design.

At 1oz of pure .9999's silver, this 38mm or 1 ¼ inch coin has a mintage of 7500 coins at a price of $112.95 per coin.

The final coin in the 3 coin En Plain Air Series is entitled “A Paddle Awaits” and again features a combination of minting techniques that mimic the effect of textured brush strokes. The 1oz silver coin has an impressive 60mm or 2.362 inch diameter, and a mintage of 5500 coins for an asking price of $119.95 per coin.

The next coin in the Celebrating Canada's 150th collection of 1/2oz silver coins celebrates the tradition of drum dancing. This is the final coin in this 13 coin collection which is only available via the Mint's subscription program at a price of $51.95 per coin, at a total mintage of 25000 coins.

The final coin for June is also the final coin in the Birds among Nature's Colours series, depicting the Nuthatch. This five coin series has a mintage of 15 000, and depicts a colourized backdrop with engraved bird in the foreground on these ½ oz silver coins.

At $64.95 per coin the series is shipped with a special display box that doubles as a music box.

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