Pobjoy Mint Will No Longer Mint Isle of Man Coins

After more than forty years the British Pobjoy Mint and the Isle of man will be parting ways.

This comes after the Isle of man announced a reduction in the number of Numismatic products that will be issued in future. The 2016 coins already announced will still be struck at the Pobjoy Mint but however.

British Pobjoy Mint LogoThe mint's managing director, Taya Pobjoy, announced via a press release that effective as of 24th March 2017 the more than four decade long working relationship with the Isle of Man will come to an end. After that date the Pobjoy Mint will then no longer represent the Isle of Man as the official minter of Isle of Man legal tender products. She continued by saying :

"Pobjoy Mint Ltd has had a long and fruitful relationship with the Isle of Man that has lasted for over 40 years; we wish them well for the future. "


The award winning British mint will continue to produce coins for all the other issuing authorities and governments that it has been serving over the years.

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