2016 Olympic Mob of ‘Roos $1 Coin For Australia

Forming part of their 2016 Australian Olympic Team Coin Program, the Royal Australian Mint has released a special Mob of Roos colourized one Dollar coin.

Australia 2016 Olympics Mob of Roos $1 Coin Reverse

Australia 2016 Olympics Mob of Roos $1 Coin Reverse

The 2016 Mob of Boxing Kangaroos $1 coin puts an entertaining spin on Stuart Devlin’s 'Mob of Roos' design that has been used on the circulating on dollar coin since 1984. The reverse indicates the denomination with a large “1 DOLLAR” inscription similar to the regular circulating dollar coin. This is superimposed over an image of a 'boxing kangaroo, wearing boxing gloves and all, playing rugby. The top part of the coin features a section that has been colourized in Australia's national sporting colours of green and gold. Depicted is a mob of four kangaroos engaged in various sporting activities(hockey, football/soccer and yes, boxing) while wearing Olympic themed shirts.

The obverse of the coin bears the standard design used on the 'mob of roos' circulating dollar. The crowned Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II prominently featuring on the coin's obverse design. Encircled on both sides by the obverse legend of “ELIZABETH II” and “AUSTRALIA 2016”.

Australia 2016 Olympics Mob of Roos $1 Coin Obverse

Australia 2016 Olympics Mob of Roos $1 Coin Obverse

The special brilliant uncirculated coins will be released on three specially printed cards that feature the Royal Australian Mint's Olympian and coin program ambassadors for the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tom Fraser-Holmes represents swimming on an aptly coloured blue card.

Melissa Breen represents athletics on an orange printed card. The trio is completed by basketball player Patrick Mills on a green card. To carry the Olympic theme even further the $1 coin is being issued enclosed in a bezel with ribbon attached, to represent the sought after gold medal that each athlete will compete for in the world's greatest sporing event.

The coin itself is 25mm in diameter and produced from an Aluminum Bronze alloy. The coins can be obtained directly from the Royal Australian Mint's website for AU$15.00 each(roughly US$11.25) for the uncirculated coin and card.

… And Just In Case You Wondered Why They Are Caller ‘Boxing Kangaroos’, Here You Go …

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