Canada To Issue World’s First Delta Shaped Coin

“To boldly go where no one has gone before” or perhaps in this case to boldly go where no mint has gone before.

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek the Royal Canadian Mint is issuing the worlds first ever delta shaped coin. The delta shield is surely one of the most recognizable symbol of the science fiction series. The delta shield or comsbadge is one of the main insignia worn by starfleet personnel and officers.

Canada 2016 Star Trek Gold $200 Delta Coin Reverse

Canada 2016 Star Trek Gold $200 Delta Coin Reverse

Worn on the left breast of the starfleet uniform, the comsbadge is meant to identify a crew members station or department aboard their ship. The device also acts as a communicator capable of ship to shore or person to person communication.

In addition to it's main purpose the delta shield or comsbadge was also capable of acting as a universal translator in most cases or acting as a subspace distress signal during emergencies. The ship's transporter could 'lock on' to the unique signal from each comsbadge to extract starfleet personnel from hostile situations if needed.

Few symbols represent Star Trek better than the delta shield, so it is only fitting then that the Royal Canadian Mint decided to make it the center piece of their 2016 Star Trek series commemorating 50 years since the show first aired.

The Star Trek : Delta Coin  is a pure gold $200 collector's coin with a limited mintage of only 1500 coins. The coin is struck from .9999 Fineness gold and measures 28.68mm x 17.5mm.

The coin's reverse design depicts a smalled delta shield with a five pointed star inside. This would indicate the command station, like that of a ship's Captain. The legend reads :”CANADA 2016” and “200 DOLLARS”.

Canada 2016 Star Trek Gold $200 Delta Coin Obverse

Canada 2016 Star Trek Gold $200 Delta Coin Obverse

The obverse legend reads : “ELIZABETH D. G. REGINA”, all of the lettering of the obverse and reverse legends are engraved in the classic Star Trek font. The right facing Susanna Blunt effigy of HRH Queen Elizabeth appears on the obverse.

The coin is due for release on the 6th of September 2016. The Canadian Mint is listing the gold Delta Coin for $1299.95 with a purchase limit of one per person.

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