USA 2016 Uncirculated Coin Sets Available

The second of two releases by the US Mint is out today. Yesterday saw the release of the Gerald Ford Fist Day Covers while today it is the turn of the 2016 United States Uncirculated coin sets.

As usual the United States Mint is releasing two Uncirculated coin sets, one for each minting facility producing coins for general circulation. The two sets will be sold together. The two folders each contain 13 coins from the United States Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia, for a total of 26 coins combined. Each folder contains the following circulating commemorative coins :

2016 USA Uncirculated P and D Coin Sets

2016 USA Uncirculated P and D Coin Sets

The three coins that make up the 10th annual release of the Presidential $1 Coin Program honoring Presidents Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, and Ronald Reagan

The Five America the Beautiful Quarters® coins that mark the program's seventh year of issue. The coins included are: Shawnee National Forest (IL), Cumberland Gap National Historic Park (KY), Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (WV), Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND), and Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument) (SC)

A single Native American $1 coin with a reverse design honoring Code Talkers from both World War I and World War II (1917-1945)

As well as one of each of the following:

  • Kennedy half dollar
  • Roosevelt dime
  • Jefferson nickel
  • Lincoln penny.
2016 USA Uncirculated Philadelphia Coin Sets

2016 USA Uncirculated Philadelphia Coin Sets

All coins are uncirculated strikes and dated 2016.
Both folders in the United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set display an image of a United States flag on the front. The folder containing the Philadelphia-minted coins is accented in blue, while the folder containing the Denver-minted coins is accented in red. A Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the packaging itself.
Interestingly enough the set is being sold by the Mint at US$26.95, which is a dollar cheaper than the price that the 2015 sets were released for last year.

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