Finland Celebrates Poet Eino Leino with Gold Coin

The Mint of Finland continues it's celebration of renowned Finnish poet Eino Leino this year with the release of a gold 100 Euro coin.

Earlier the year we saw the release of the circulating commemorative €2 bearing the flaming effigy of Leino that is so symbolic of the majority of his work.

Finland 2016 Eino Leino Gold €100 Coin Obverse

Finland 2016 Eino Leino Gold €100 Coin Obverse

This 22mm gold €100 coin bears the same design on the obverse as the commemorative 2 Euro coin, symbolic of the fire and passion that lit all aspects of Eino Leino's life.

The reverse in turn depicts an outline of a figure, meant to represent Eino Leino as he was typically known to dress, walking towards the morning star. The coin was designed by Pertti Mäkinen.

Finland 2016 Eino Leino Gold €100 Coin Reverse

Finland 2016 Eino Leino Gold €100 Coin Reverse

The coin is struck from .917 Fineness gold(22ct) and weighs 5.65gram. Mintage of this collectors gold coin will be limited to 5000 units. Of those 5000 coins 100 will be numbered and sold separately. The coin is sold in a special wooden display box.

finland_2016_leino_boxThe 100 Euro gold coin is being listed at release for €495.00 and the special numbered pieces for €560.00 each.

Eino Leino (Armas Einar Leopold Lönnbohm 1878–1926) is known for his extensive and diverse literary oeuvre. During his career he produced poetry, novels, plays and also worked at a newspaper as a columnist. Leino's early work was largely inspired by local folk tradition and the Kalevala epic, but his later writing also began to exhibit broader European influences.
Even today Leino's work remains extremely popular in Finland. 2016 marks the centenary of the publication of his two-part poetry anthology Helkavirsiä (1903 and 1916).

Eino Leino Coins From Mint of Finland


all images courtesy of the Mint of Finland

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