Finland Launches Presidential Series

The Mint of Finland has release it's new Presidents of Final Series with release of the first coin in the set.

Finland 2016 K.J. Ståhlberg 5 Euro Coin

Finland 2016 K.J. Ståhlberg 5 Euro Coin

The Presidents of Finland series is a numismatic program by the Mint of Finland set to run for the next two years and produce a total of eight different coins. The program is meant to pay homage to past presidents of Finland and forms part of the “Finland 100” celebrations commemorating a century of independence for Finland.

The coins will all have a shared obverse design, with the reverse of the coin paying tribute to the countries presidents. The series will be comprised of eight bi-metallic(copru-nickel) €5 coins measuring 27.25mm in diameter. The coins will be issued at a rate of four a year for the next two years.

The first coin in the series is the K.J. Ståhlberg coin. Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg (1865–1952) was the first president of the Republic of Finland. He had a key role in drafting the constitution of Finland and was a well respected jurist and academic. He held the office of President from 1919 to 1925.

Finland 2016 Presidential 5 Euro Coin

Finland 2016 Presidential 5 Euro Coin

The reverse of the coin features a three quarter portrait of Ståhlberg facing left. Surrounding the portrait of his bust are inscribed his name as well as dates of birth and death.

The shared obverse is striking modern design that is meant to depict a backdrop of rural Finnish fields superimposed by the stylized depicting of a constructed urban environment framed by an open book The entire series was designed by Tero Lounas.

There will be a total proof mintage of 6 000 coins per design and a planned mintage limit of 30 000 coins in brilliant uncirculated.


Proof coins are to be released encapsulated in a special booklet for €22.00 each.
Uncirculated coins can be obtained in either a special blister pack for single coins at €10.00 each or in a special box of 10 coins for €62.00. The latter box will be completely raw coins with no further special packaging.

All images courtesy of the Mint of Finland

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