Tasmanian Devil

Tuvalu 2013 Silver Tazmanian Devil Coin Reverse

The third issue in this series features the terrific Tasmanian Devil. Be quick because this coin is sure to be a sell-out like its predecessors!

Additional Information

The world’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial, the Tasmania Devil has a thick-set, squat build, with black fur and a large, broad head and short, thick tail.

Being nocturnal, this remarkable creature usually hides in a den or dense bush in the daytime. At night, it roams considerable distances along well-demarcated trails in search of food. Known for their characteristic gait, the Devil can also gallop quickly, although the younger animals tend to be more agile than their elders.

Tasmanian Devils were once considered a pest by early European settlers. For more than a century, these creatures were trapped and poisoned. The species appeared to be heading for extinction, but in 1941 the animals were protected by law. Identification of Devil Facial Tumour Disease in 1996 recognised this fatal illness as the biggest threat to the marsupial’s survival.

Today, this incredible creature is wholly protected and is considered a Tasmanian icon


Country of Issue Tuvalu
Date 2013
Series Endangered and Extinct
Mintage 5000
Denomination $1 / One Dollar
Composition Silver Ag 999/1000
Quality Proof - Selective Colourizing
Weight 1 gram
Weight 1 oz
Size 1.5984 mm
Size 1.5984 inch
Issuing Mint Perth Mint
Edge Milled
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