Green and Golden Bell Frog

Tuvalu 2017 Silver Green and Golden Bell Frog Coin Reverse

The seventh overall coin in the Endangered and Extinct silver coin series issued by the Perth Mint. The full WNN review can be found HERE

Additional Information

The green and golden bell frog is a ground-dwelling tree frog with smooth green skin and patterns of golden brown markings. It has a creamy-gold stripe along the side of the body, from the eye to the hind legs. The inside of the thighs are distinctly coloured in turquoise-blue. It is one of Australia’s largest frogs; females grow to an adult size of approximately 10 centimetres in length, and males up to eight centimetres.


Country of Issue Tuvalu
Date 2017
Series Endangered and Extinct
Mintage 5000
Denomination $1 / One Dollar
Composition Silver Ag 999/1000
Quality Proof - Selective Colourizing
Weight 1 gram
Weight 1 oz
Size 1.5984 mm
Size 1.5984 inch
Issuing Mint Perth Mint
Edge Milled
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