Brexit $5

Cook Islands Gold 5 Dollar Brexit Proof Coin Reverse

2016 Cook Islands Gold $5 Brexit Coin
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Additional Information

In a historic vote on June 23rd, 2016, the United Kindom chose to leave the European Union. The step to British isolation sent the markets on a carousel ride.

This event – one of the most significant moments in EU history – is subject of a new CIT BGM gold issue. The delicate 26 mm, 1/10oz coin presents the outline of the UK opposite continental Europe.


Country of Issue Cook Islands
Date 2016
Series Brexit
Mintage 10 000
Denomination $5 / Five Dollar
Composition Gold Au 99.99% Fine
Quality Proof
Weight 1/10 gram
Weight 1/10 oz
Size 11 mm
Size 11 inch
Issuing Mint Coin Investment Trust
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